Facebook Comments

2 Free Facebook Comment Management Tools

Hey Everyone, we found two new solutions for social media comment management, especially for facebook comment management. First one is Coment (Free) Coment is a tool for monitoring and managing all comments on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Disqus and WordPress with a single click, all from one single dashboard. Plus, it's for free! Coment is pretty useful and can save you time. It enables you to view all your comments and replies from Facebook Pages all in one place. How to use Com ... read more

Free Facebook Keyword Search Tool

If you want to search by keywords on facebook comments, we found a unique tool on the internet for Facebook Keyword Search.It's Coment . Coment aggregates all your Facebook Page's comments in one place and gives you searching ability on these comments. You can easily search specified keywords for free through coment.io.Moreover, you can also export searched comments with a click.Thus, you can create you own reports easily and effectively. 4 Easy steps for Facebook Keyword Search Sign Up (Fre ... read more

Facebook pages and Slack Integration for notification

If you are a Slack user and interested in social media listening or monitoring for your brand or customers. This article provides the best solution for you. There is a new tool that name is Coment. Coment helps online publishers save time by managing all comments on a single dashboard.Moreover, Coment's slack integration provides real-time comment notification through Slack channel, you can get all your comments and twitter streams on the Slack app. Firstly, Sign Up Coment.io, it's a free tool ... read more

How to comment on Facebook?

Are you looking to learn how to comment on Facebook? Facebook comments are the primary way to communicate and interact with others on the platform. In this article, we will show you how to post a comment on Facebook. But before we get started, let’s take a look at why we comment on Facebook. Why We Comment On Facebook? The answer to this question is so simple—we comment on Facebook because we have something to say! Here are main reasons for commenting on Facebook. Expressing feelings an ... read more